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Laila and Me

Christmas Advent Calendar For Dogs

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If you’re looking for the pawfect gift for dogs this Christmas, look no further! The Laila and Me Christmas Advent Calendar 2022 is here. Ditch the rawhide treats for something that is kinder to our pets and 100% Australian made.

The Laila and Me Limited Edition Dog Advent Calendar is packed with 17 pet treat sample varieties over 24 days, as well as a few NEW never-before-seen treats LOVED by their taste testers!

Get ready for some jingle-barking woofs!

Treats included:

1. Freeze-Dried Wild Boar
2. Beef Cube
3. Whitebait/pilchards or small croc foot
4. Freeze Dried Turkey
5. Pork Cube
6. Freeze Dried Chicken Hearts or Chicken Jerky
7. Roo Leg Cube
8. Lamb Cube
9. Freeze Dried Chicken Breast
10. Lamb Liver
11. Freeze Dried Roo
12. Chicken Jerky
13. Roo Jerky
14. Freeze Dried Wild Boar

15. Beef Cube
16. Whitebait/ pilchards
17. Freeze Dried Turkey
18. Pork Cube
19. Freeze Dried Chicken Hearts or Chicken Jerky
20. Roo Leg Cube
21. Lamb Cube
22. Freeze Dried Chicken Breast
23. Lamb Liver
24. Green Lipped Mussels

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