'Croc My World' Mandala Recipe

'Croc My World' Mandala Recipe

A step-by-step guide to creating a unique and enriching experience for your dog using the Sodapup Mandala eTray!

Prep Time: 10-15 mins

Step 1: Gather your ingredients

To begin making your Mandala eTray, you'll need the following ingredients:


Step 2: Add the meat to the Mandala eTray compartments

Take your Mandala eTray and begin by adding the kangaroo meat and pork mince to various compartments. You can get creative and alternate between the two meats to provide a diverse sensory experience for your dog.

Β Step 3: Add fruits and vegetables to other sections

Now, it's time to incorporate the healthy and tasty elements of fruits and vegetables into the Mandala eTray. Select a section & add the thinly diced carrots and kiwi fruit. In the other section, place a sliced strawberry and the quail egg. These will add a burst of flavour and texture to the eTray.

Step 4: Topping it off with Kanga Cubes, Pilchards, and a Crocodile Foot

Let's add the finishing touches with some delicious garnishing elements. Add some pilchards and kanga cubes on the outer compartments of the eTray. Lastly, place your crocodile foot on top for a little crunch!

Remember, you can always modify the ingredients to suit your dogs dietary needs and preferences. So go ahead and watch your furry friend enjoy this enriching experience as they explore and savour their meal in fun, new and interactive way.

Bon appetite to your four-legged companion!

Recipe and images courtesy of @curiousalfie

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